• Murano


      Murano, a monolithic kitchen where the absolute aesthetic rigor and is formally given by the apparent absence of thicknesses…

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  • Venezia


      Venice combines in itself the sense of the matter, in a sumptuous game suggestions  

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  • Capri


      The Kitchen . The space where we meet our most affections. A multifunctional environment in which distinct areas mark…

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  • Roma


      The purity of the glass surfaces was added by gluing in the aluminum frame, a combination of strong functional…

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  • 05_TimoEvo_01

    Timo Evolution

      New curved lines in the central island of TIMO EVOLUTION interpreted with the unique ITEM BOAT, a face Back…

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  • Timo Plus

    Timo Plus

    Timo plus is the completion of the kitchen without handles through the creation of curved elements, fitted with throat and…

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  • Timo Wood

    Timo Wood

      A new interpretation of Timo obtained through the evolution of compositional solutions and the introduction of wood, in a…

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  • 10_Diamante_01


      The identity of Diamond is expressed through the freedom to combine modern elements with old sensations, the charm of…

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